LL_MIT_Section Head Lincoln Labs

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Engineering Division Head, will lead the Division providing technical and support services to the Laboratory in the following engineering areas:  analysis, advanced development, and design of mechanical, aerospace, control, and optical systems; fabrication and rapid prototyping; and, integrating and testing complex systems.  Member of the Laboratory Steering Committee.
1)  Lead the engineering Division’s staff and its analysis, development, design, fabrication, integration and test activities.
a.  Technical Staff: 116
b.  Technicians and Specialists 195
c.  95,000 sqft of engineering labs, shops and facilities
d.  Annual operating Budget: $50M
2)  Deliver engineering services to support the development of advanced sensors and communications components, subsystems and systems. Ensure processes are consistent with quality, cost and schedule expectations.
3)  Participate in the strategic planning of the Laboratory and develop policies as a member of the Steering Committee
4)  Ensure efficient and effective operations of electronic and mechanical fabrication, integration and test assets
5)  Have working knowledge of outside industries and suppliers. Develop partnerships and business arrangements to leverage the capabilities of industry to meet the Laboratory’s needs.
6)  Identify and prioritize requirements for the Division’s technical staff and specialized infrastructure.
7)  Oversee the development of staff, ensuring appropriate task assignments, development of staff capabilities and career development plans. Manage performance evaluation and compensation systems. Meet appropriate staffing goals and achievement of staff diversity. 
Education:  MS or PhD in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience.
Experience:  Proven expertise in management and problem-solving in the areas of development, design, Q&A, and prototyping.  Proven skills in leadership and management of people through 10 years of engineering management experience.  Knowledge of fabrication and testing supporting research and development
Skills:  Strong interpersonal skills.  Strong written and verbal communication skills.  Track record of excellent judgment, integrity, honesty and discretion.
Desired:  knowledge of the development and testing environment in DoD, FAA, NASA, and Intelligence communities.