RTN - IDS113353- Engineering Fellow Physicist - Accelerator Physicist and Nuclear Detection Support 23507               EMC/TEMPEST ENG



EDD is currently supporting the Advanced Technology Programs directorate’s pursuits in designing and proposing the next generation of Free Electron Lasers.  EDD is also supporting Advanced Technology’s multiple pursuits in active and passive detection systems to search for transported radiological isotopes and concealed special nuclear materials (SNM).


The Ship & Torpedo Electronics Department’s (S&TED) Radiation Effects Group (contained within EDD) is currently seeking an experienced physicist/engineer to participate in the conception, development and execution of DoD programs that require a highly detailed and specialized knowledge in the field of accelerator physics and engineering.  The ideal candidate will have a strong hands-on background in design, commissioning and operation of particle accelerators.  The ideal candidate will also have a working understanding of the fundamentals of gamma ray and particle interaction physics, their numerous detection methods and be familiar with the application of radiation detectors for advanced spectroscopic measurements.  The ideal candidate will also be experienced in leading a proposal preparation team and have the ability to present both technical and operational issues to various targeted government customers.  As part of these activities, the candidate may also be required to support proposal activities, generate required documentation and summary reports.  The individual should also be able to present material at internal and external reviews and be prepared to contribute at technical interchanges and working group meetings.  This is a senior level position and the candidate should possess Integrated Product Team (IPT) or task/program leadership experience as well as a diverse background to provide technical input to engineering team members when problems are encountered.  The candidate must have experience in presenting new and novel solutions in response to DoD and government agency pursuits, as either a lead spokesman or part of a multi-functional team.  The team the candidate will be joining consists of a diversified group of individuals and specialists who are dedicated to achieve higher quality standards in shorter development cycles through the uses of IPDS processes, Raytheon Six Sigma, and Earned Value Management System principles.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Design and Commissioning of Energy Recovering Linear Accelerator based Free Electron Laser

Understand particle accelerator beam dynamics, including simulations of accelerating structures

Experience with 2D and 3D electromagnetic field solvers and/or particle tracking codes would be beneficial

Detailed proposal development

Generating and refining “Program Scopes of Work” for inclusion into contract documentation

Providing the interface with On-Site Raytheon personnel, customers, and suppliers


Basic Qualifications Skills:

Experience in particle accelerator design

Proven customer relations experience

years experience in accelerator physics

Eligibility for DoD ‘Secret’ Security clearance, ‘Top Secret’ preferred


 Required Education(including Major):

•Doctoral Degree in Physics or closely related field

Desired Qualifications Skills:

Knowledge of accelerator physics related to high-brightness electron guns, linear accelerators, and beam optics design

Design, simulation, and optimization of complex accelerator systems

Knowledge of the fundamentals of gamma ray and particle detection techniques

Familiarity with methods of gamma ray pulse height spectra analysis

A high degree of mathematical ability and computer literacy

IPT Leadership experience

Prepare cost and technical proposals, manage schedules and budgets of assigned tasks

Program Management experience

Prepare and report tracking of earned value for task responsibility

Must be able to effectively interact and work with all levels of organizational leadership

Strong organization and problem solving skills

Ability to multitask

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work independently and within a team.

Demonstrated self motivated performance and leadership

Travel an average of one week per month

Experience using MCNP, P-Spice, MathCad, LabVIEW or other programming skills (i.e. C++, FORTRAN, C, Java, HTML)